Sunday, January 30, 2011

sulawesi for the first time!

Many excited things on last and this year. And I haven’t told you everything. Well, kinda boring and lazy to update this blog. let me tell you the 'thing' on last year.

Last year, I’m on gresik. My brother’s wedding. Then, on my new year’s holiday I went to Sulawesi (I’m soooooo excited when I know I-WILL-GO-TO-THERE). My brother and his wife will have a life there, and I and my parent follow them to there.

When I stayed there, I just thinking, “are teenager could life such place like this?” no mall, no cinema, no indomart, no Alfa mart, or else. Nonono… I think, there is a cinema, but not blitzmegaplex, not XXI nor 21. Not them. The name is sinepleks. Ha. Not Cineplex. Not with ‘C’ and ‘X’ but with 'S’ and ‘KS’. I need 3 hours to get there, if i really wanted watching a 'movie'. HAHAHAHAHA. Matiajadah.

Lucky me, my brother have an indovision. Hufffhhhhh… And not just it. My brother often bring me, my parent, and her wife went to some amaaaaazing place that I never see before (and i swear this is true~ the time(8)-_-). Yeah. did you ever heard about Padang savanna? On the biology or geology books? I-have-got-there btw. The Padang savanna just only on Sulawesi, and Maluku (I love the limited edition ha-ha :P) Meet the buffalos, and the gank (their poop I mean-.-) took some picture there. Regretted one was… im not took pic the buffalos’ poop. -.- soo many buffalos’ poop and their poop bigger than my camera. Ouch.

Then, I took the sunsets’ picture. Forget. I mean I’m not took them. Sulawesi’s weather not allowed me to take the sunsets’ picture.
I meet up with my ‘friends’. I mean suku bajoes. My mom said, their have same hair with my hair. Burned by the sun-hair. A little bit Alay. -.-

Nothing special with my new year’s eve. I just sleep. When I woke up, it’s 3:00 am. And you know what? Antam (my brother working there. And it have a housing complex, like puspiptek) inviting “MATTA BAND” for the guest star on the New Year’s Eve. So do me not interesting at all. But you know what (Again)? The teenagers like me go there! Although they must take 1 hour to get there using their motorcycle. With using the Gaul clothes. Really Gaul. Butt they aren’t Alay. Their clothes for watching matta band, like we use our clothes to go to maroon 5 concerts! They just rarely got the concert (it is call a concert?) like this. Twice a year. New Year’s Eve and antam’s birthday. Poor them :(

On first day on 2011, I went back to Jakarta via Makassar. I transit there for 5 hours. So I and my parent go to an airport on pomalaa (a little city on sulawesi that we stayed). A small airport. The airport not bigger than my house -_-. We use a very small plane. And guess what? we one plane with the MATTA BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH EM JI. I think I never meet them because I was sleep when they played at the New Year’s Eve. jodoh gak lari kemana. Wakakakaka.

On Makassar, must place i visiting was Trans studio! Buttttt I’m not got it. Yes I was there. But I’m not entering it. It feels like ‘krik’ if just I played there. Not with my others family. Then I go around Makassar. Then I back to airport to go back to Jakarta. but you know what??????????? I almost waiting for 7 hours for back to Jakarta! the plane was delayed and not telling us. GAH! And so I arrived on Jakarta at 3:30 am. -.- psst. Fyi, I one plane with artists again. trio macan. WAKAKAKA. how gaul i am?